Spring - Culinox - Roaster oval Ø 31 cm - Red

Spring - Culinox - Roaster oval Ø 31 cm - Red

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Spring - Culinox - Roaster oval Ø 31 cm

The cast iron dishes series Escale from Spring allows an extremely fast and uniquely uniform heat distribution to the pot rim. Suitable for all heat sources, including induction. Experience the perfect roasting and Schmorergebnisse. The iron bell has a very high heat storage capacity, so your food stays hot after cooking up to 3 hours.

  • Use gadgets made of soft plastic or silicone only
  • Sealed rim: No corrosion and guaranteed long life.
  • Close-fitting lid: For gentle cooking with a minimum of water. Precious vitamins are not destroyed,
    and vegetables preserve their fresh colour.
  • Suitable for all types of stove: Ceramic, induction, electric or gas
  • coated in cream-colored enamel
  • Cover knob made of stainless steel

Curvature of base
The base of high-end cookware curves slightly upwards when the pan is cold, but the base becomes perfectly flat when the pan is heated


Spring - Products for every need

The history of the Spring brand is a chronicle marked by milestones of innovative and creative ideas for elegant dining, sophisticated cuisine, and ambitious hobby cooks. In 1946, the Spring brothers established the company which was committed to uncompromising quality and well-conceived product development. Over the years, the Spring brand has continually developed and marketed new products that proved to be trendsetters in the history of cooking and dining culture.

Additional product information

capacity 6.5 L
height 14 cm


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