Spring - Grill pan Vulcano CeraPlus 28 x 28 cm

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Spring - Grill pan Vulcano CeraPlus 

Spring - Grill pan Vulcano CeraPlus with Ceralon Ceramic non-stick coating. Ovenproof up to 400°C and PFOA free.
High heat resistance – for quick crisp browning and gentle frying. High abrasion resistance. Vulcano frying pans are recoatable for extra long life.
5-ply material for optimum heat conductivity and distribution. Suitable for all types of stove, including induction.
The ergonomic and waterproof handle is permanently welded to the body of the pan.

  • Use gadgets made of soft plastic or silicone only
  • 5-ply material
  • Ceralon Ceramic non-stick coating
  • Material: stainless steel 18/10, Aluminium
  • Ø 28 cm x 28 cm
  • Height: 2,5 cm
  • Guarantee: 5 years on non-stick coating
  • Lifelong guarantee on body of pan (useful life 25 years)
  • Guarantee: 2 years on non-stick re-coating


Ceralon Ceramic non-stick coating:
Mineral based non-stick with extreme hardness an abrasion resistance. High temperature resistance for maximum protection against overheating (400°C).

Spring VULCANO CeraPlus pans are suitable for all types of cooking equipment: gas stoves, spiral hotplates and sealed plate electric hobs, ceramic and induction cookers.
To get the most out of the special features of your VULCANO CeraPlus pan, you should note the following tips:

  • Only heat the empty pan to frying temperature (180ºC).
  • Overheating to more than 400ºC can damage or even destroy the non-stick coating.
  • When using the pan with an induction unit, turn the unit up only 2⁄3 of the way.
  • Use heat-stable cooking oil if required.
  • Never place the empty pan or leave it standing on a hot stove that is still turned on.
  • Use gadgets made of soft plastic or silicone only

Avoid utensils with sharp edges. If, despite this precaution, cuts and scratches appear, they will not effect the non-stick coating

We advise against cleaning your VULCANO CeraPlus pan in a dishwasher. Frequent cleaning in a dishwasher can significantly reduce the life of the non-stick coating.
Occasionally put a few drops of heat-stable cooking oil in the pan and wipe them away with a paper towel. This helps keep the non-stick coating smooth.

Curvature of base
The base of high-end cookware curves slightly upwards when the pan is cold, but the base becomes perfectly flat when the pan is heated


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