Spring - Mini Frying pan Ø 18 cm - grey

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Spring - Mini Frying pan Ø 18 cm

The high school of the perfect kitchen begins with frying. You need a sure feeling for great heat and fine adjustment of the temperatures. The mini pan by Spring is the right size for certain tasks in the kitchen. They are good for frying small portions, such as a fried egg. There is also room for roasted pine nuts for the salad and onions in the small pan.

The forged aluminum pan body also has excellent non-stick properties and increases the heat conduction and storage properties of the pan body. The mini pan is suitable for frying as well as for gratinating in the oven. The ergonomic pan handle ensures that the small pan lies securely in your hand.
  • 3-layer non-stick coating
  • Suitable for all types of stove - Ceramic, induction, electric or gas
  • EasyClean
  • Ø: 18 cm


Spring - Products for every need

The history of the Spring brand is a chronicle marked by milestones of innovative and creative ideas for elegant dining, sophisticated cuisine, and ambitious hobby cooks. In 1946, the Spring brothers established the company which was committed to uncompromising quality and well-conceived product development. Over the years, the Spring brand has continually developed and marketed new products that proved to be trendsetters in the history of cooking and dining culture.

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